Payment / Content question

I’m fully committed to donating $50 for Ardour 4. However, I have two machines; a desktop Linux machine for recording/editing at home and an Apple MBP that I take on the road.

That said, will I have access to both the Linux and OSX content, or does the donation system limit access to only one platform per donation? If the latter is the case, it’s no big deal, I can split the donations for access to both software platforms, I just want to know what I’m getting into…


  1. Donations are not connected to downloads. The donation system exists to allow (mostly) Linux users who get Ardour from their Linux distribution to pay something toward the development costs, and for other users to make occasional payments as they wish.

  2. Just start up a subscription and you’ll have full access to every release that occurs while your subscription remains active, for any platform.

  3. If you pay for a specific version (on a specific platform) then that’s all you pay for.

Thank you Paul. I think that answered my question.