Payed, but still silent

I have completed “single payment”(as a PayPal guest), and received mobile short message(not yet received email).Then the page automatically jump to a download page, and I downloaded “Ardour-6.9.0-x86_64.dmg”.It is still silent.

Then I try again. Offer another new payment, and all things are same :frowning:

The information about “payment/download status in our records” says:
Most recent download payment: no payments on record
We have no record of any subscriptions for you.

I have read ardour - the digital audio workstation, but it’s not helpful. What can I do next?

Since this is for macOS…

Does it work for 10 mins and then there is a popup by Ardour, asking you to purchase?

Or is it always silent? In which case this could be due to macOS’ gatekeeper, preventing Ardour from accessing the soundcard. Some missing permissions.

Oh, I found the reason.
I set “audio system” to “Jack”, but “audio driver” to “CoreAudio”, so there is no sound.
When I set “audio driver” to “NetJack”, it works!
Thank you!

This raises all sorts of questions honestly, what you described on most people’s setup shouldn’t work.

Also is there a reason you are using Jack at all on MacOS? Unless you are routing between applications, you should just use CoreAudio.


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