@ Paul - subscription

Hi Paul, sorry if I write here but I have a problem with my subscription. I’ve tried to email you but there is an error about a certain client block.

What is the “client block” error? What is the issue with your subscription?

Hi. I wanted to send you an email but it wasn’t not possible for an error appearing.
Correction. It just went through right now, you should have received it already. Let me know.

Hi. did you get my email?

Yes, and I replied to it.

Ok, haven’t received it yet. These providers suck.

Hi. I’ve been in irc for several days but it seems only your ghost is in there. And just because somebody told me the name you use there, if not I haven’t ever found you. Anywways since it seems to play hide and seek I carry on in here. The question is simple: I’ve first tried Ardour to see if it was working on my computer, you can read something about it on the old thread in here. Having seen it works on my new computer, I wanted to get rid of the silence window and get the “normal” version, not the free one. So I clicked on the window and I have been brought to the main page in the site where one can download Ardour.
Well, this way is wrong to me. it’s not written anywhere that one must go in the my account section to subscribe and get the full version.
Having said this, I made a donation from the main page and I discovered that I still had the silence window. I thought that once one has made the donation, he would obtain a code or sort of to type in the program but in the end I understood it doesn’t work in this way.
So. Having made my donation, can I have the full version or do I have to subscribe or other?

I did send email about this, which apparently you never received.

If you go to download Ardour, right after you have selected the platform you want to use, there is a FAQ embedded in the page, which includes this question and answer:

I gave a donation to Ardour, so why I am I being asked to pay?

The donation system is entirely separate from the download system, and exists for a couple of reasons:

  • our Linux users generally get Ardour without payment via their distributions' repositories.
  • some people just feel like being generous
Either way, it allows people to make a simple one-time payment. It is not part of the download system, and any payment you make via the donation system does not apply to the download system. Remember that you may choose to pay as little as US$1 for a download.

I regularly refund the donations made by people who misunderstood this so that they can (if they choose) re-apply the payment to the actual download system and/or start a subscription.

Ok updated the payment via subscription