Paul Fool - DEMO - Prog Blues...?

Hi, here’s another demo, a bit of background… I’m not sure if this is a ‘song’ or a collection of musical ideas telling a narrative like something for musical theatre or a movie… All I know is I wrote it many years ago and have avoided recording it because I was afraid of it collapsing under it’s own weight with putting the story of the Apostle Paul in a Bluesy context (no it’s not about Paul Davis, although I’m sure he and the Apostle share some maverick tendencies…). While doing some session housecleaning I discovered that we had tracked drums for it a few years back and with Ardour’s phenomenal and recently improved Grid tool I thought it would make a good experiment to (a) take a non-click human drum track and line up the Grid and (b) add some MIDI instruments (setBfree, Sonatina Choir) to a human grid-aligned project and see how that works… I will say Ardour rose to the challenge incredibly well! As far as the song… that will be a matter of opinion, even I don’t know what to make of it…lol

Paul Fool - DEMO


A really nice one, a taste of Spooky Tooth in their prime (that’s a compliment!)
The mix is clean sharp and punchy vox’s sharp fine drums are (and I kinda liked to laughter point the “borrowed licks” in the gtr chorus entrance :wink: )

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Great as always, Glen. But yeah, my brain kept changing the rhythm of the bass/guitar riff to that of the Rolling Stones “Bitch”. :laughing:

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Thanks! Lol, they’re all borrowed licks in one way or another…


It’s funny how things come to us, I also like “Bitch” but I can’t say that when I wrote this song I had conflated the two. As admitted above I’ve borrowed plenty from many but not directly so in that particular case but now that you mention it there is certainly a similar vibe. This song was done on my baritone Tele in “B” so it’s easy for the radically different tunings to fool you into thinking you’re doing something original and different only to discover later it’s simply garden variety stuff in standard tuning…

great sounding track!

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This is one of the better ones! nice tune and nice work! love it!

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Hard-driving, God-honest rock n roll. And yeah prog blues, surely, too, with that great organ. Loving this whatever the genre. Good job, GMaq-- and thanks :pray:

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Sounds very good, and very much live. Well done.

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prog blues… for sure

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First class!!! Loved it!

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Wow. This is next level!
I like the mix, it’s very well balanced, and it’s great how you mixed the vocals differently in verse and [pre-]chorus.