Patchbay Confused or Maybe It Is Me.

I had a try at setting up the patchbay in qjackctl and did it wrong, first try and all.

So I removed the sockets and deleted the file I saved the settings in so I could start fresh.

But now every time I start qjackctl I get an error box that says…

<Could not load patchbay definition file:"/home/philip/Patchbay/Jack_Rack.xml">

I press cancel and start qjackctl normally.

Any idea how to get rid of the error box?

There is no xml file referenced in ~/.qt/qjackctlrc

Any idea where the file could be referenced?

I did go to the IRC channel first but was unable to receive a resolution

This file and path /home/philip/Patchbay/Jack_Rack.xml have been deleted.

The patchbay will not let it go.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Sorry the error message did not take.

Here is the message.

Could not load patchbay definition file:"/home/philip/Patchbay/Jack_Rack.xml"


Most applications put their config files in ~/.config nowadays so I made a patchbay, saved it and ran ‘grep xml -R ~/.config/*’
It pointed out ~/.config/ as the culprit.

Another trick is to run ‘strace qjackctl >& Q.log’ and sift through Q.log to find out which files are read.

Thanks peder, your help is much appreciated.

That took care of it.