Patch selection unavaleable

The possibility to select different midi instruments is gone!? Has something chanched in general or what else can it be?

Hmmm, that’s a bit vague … can you precise the context ? You expect to be changing it how ? from where ? what plugin ?

Yes thank you Vincent,
I can’t choose Midi VST Instruments, which was possible in the past.
Formerly I clicked right in track (The left side of the track, where I can
scale the size, or put in on mute or solo…) chosen “Patchauswahl” from
the menu that opened and then I could choose from different “Patch Banks”.
Now instead of “patch banks” I find only the expression “patches” and if I
click on it, there is no further menu to choose from. So the only
instruments I can choose from are the few I can see by opening the
“Patchauswahl” but wherever I click on its playing the same instrument. So
that I have only one instrument at all.

Thank you for helping me!:pray:

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But what is the MIDI Intrument on your track ?
Here I use the ACE Fluid Synth pluggin that ships with Ardour and I loaded a SF2 Soundfont

If I right-mouse click on the track header (as you described) I can choose the “Patch Selector”

And I can select any instrument that’s in the SF2 soundfont

The one thing that I just realized is that if expanding the track height

The soundbank mapping combo box is set to Plugin Provided and even though I’m using a plain GM/GS soundfont, it doesn’t have the “General Midi” option anymore :frowning:
Before there used to be a second combo box where you could directly select the sound bank.

Is that what you are referring to ?

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Hi Vincent,
yes it looked exactly as on your screen. But now it looks like in my
screenshot. And there is no possibility to choose banks because there is no
selection available if i cklick on “Patches” (where once stood the words
“Patch Bank”). But I didn’t change anything🙆

Thank you I appreciate your help very much!

OK, I see

look at the MIDI instrument plugin you have : ACE Reasonable Synth :wink:
and this is the description of this plugin:

It does not have multiple “sounds” just a default synth regardless of the patch you select

I you look in my screenshot, I use the ACE Fluid Synth that can load SF2 soundfonts that contain many sounds and therefore fully respond to patch/bank changes.

When you create a new MIDI track in Ardour, you have a combo box where you select the instrument plugin that is inserted and by default, it is set fo ACE Reasonable Synth. That’s what you may have overlooked

It should still be available from the dropdown menu: MMA > Generic.
That is how the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) labelled the meta-data.

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Indeed it’s there :+1:
Thanks for pointing it our Robin.
And now I know MMA doesn’t stand for Mixed Martial Arts :sweat_smile:

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