Partial Templates

Here is the problem I’m trying to solve:

So far most of the time I use the AVL drumkits, which come in 3 flavours.
Exchanging them is easy and straight forward: just swap the plugin and keep everything else: output routing, midi track, no change required

Recently I’m looking into DrumGizmo
The kits come all with different output assignments, midi mapping, etc
So, if I want to try out a different drum sound for a song, I have to load
the new kit, rewire outputs, possibly remaping midi notes.

This takes much time and quick A/B comparison is impossible.
(one reason why I love the AVL drumkits)

It could be handled with session templates, but then I have also a main template with lots of stuff, effect busses …

So that would mean I have to create multiple templates, a combination of my main template plus the related stuff for the DrumGizmo kits, a maintenance night mare

So, it would be nice to be able to load my main session template and on top of that a template containing the DrumGizmo instance plus all the sub buses and routing.
I assume this is not possible

Any ideas what to do?
LUA scripting?

Isn’t this something that you with track templates?



What I actually would need is a group of tracks plus routing in between
1 DrumGizmo track
several sub tracks overhead, snare, kick, …
Plus routing in between

FWIW, I haven’t had much trouble with this. I haven’t found much variability in the midimaps of the various drumgizmo kits… if there is a problem, you can go in there and harmonize the xml files pretty easily, I would think.

One thing I’ve done, is first:

  1. When I’m starting out, I start with a simple kit, and only stereo, so the footprint is smaller and I can test things out a lot faster. When I find the combo I want, then I reload it as a fully expanded 16-channel kit.
  2. For highest flexibility, while it may take a lot of resources for a short time, I have the drum midi in a midi track, and then I have multiple midi busses, each running a different kit/plugin. Then I can just A/B between each of those midi busses, or even combine them.

Hope that gives you a different perspective. I apologize if it’s old news.

Thanks, that makes sense to me.

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