Parameter Linking for computational plugins (ambisonics)

Hello all,

I’m new to ardour and couldn’t find a solution for the following problem:

For our free audio dramas, we want to position and move sound sources within the soundfield.
The IEM Plugin Suite does a good job for 3D audio and works fine in ardour. But there is one useful plugin called “CoordinateConverter”, which does mathematical computations from spherical to cartesian coordinate systems, that requires using the calculated values as automation for another plugins parameters. They call this parameter linking and describe the setup using reaper in the documentation.

Is it possible to do this kind of “parameter linking” in ardour?


So my first thought was no, but then I got to thinking and wondering if this could be done in one of two ways:

  1. Using Pin Connections. This would depend on if the plugin exposes the control data as a MIDI output or not, if it did it might be possible I suppose.
  2. Using Carla as a separate plugin host within Ardour. Again depends on how the plugin exposes the data, but this is the more likely solution I could see.

Sadly as I went to test I realized that their plugin downloads are x86 only and I am currently on a M1 Mac running native builds, so I can’t easily test at the moment. I honestly don’t remember if this is possible using Pin connections with MIDI like I am thinking or not but I think it is possible. That being said Carla would likely be the better option and a more visual workflow for this so long as the plugin exposes the control data as a port in it.

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Thanks for your suggestions, Seablade.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work this way :frowning:

There is no MIDI out in the plugin’s PIN configuration view. There are only 64 audio in/out pins, that actually do nothing and are just a pass through in this case.

I didn’t know Carla before. But when I tried to add any of the ambisonic plugins from IEM within Carla plugin, they are not shown in the list. I double checked if paths are correctly set. Maybe someone has a suggestion how to get them loaded into Carla?

Also, there is this documentation about OSC Control of IEM plugins and I wonder if that could be useful?

Make sure you tell Carla to refresh your list of plugins, and that you tell it to look for VST (VST2) plugins. Also confirm that the path it is looking for those plugins is correct.

I did see them in Carla here, but have not tested my theory. That being said, if there are no MIDI outputs in Ardour for that plugin I suspect it won’t work then, but not 100% sure.