Parallel loading of traces and plugins at startup to shorten the loading time

I’m using Plugin-Alliance plugins with OSX and the Jack Audio infrastructure.
These free and commercial plugins are dongle-free and have a high loading time probably for the software-based authorization system. This means that if you have 128 tracks with 2 plugins per track then the wait time exceeds 3 minutes due to sequential loading.

This is a known thing for technical support but for the moment there is no solution. This happens with Reaper and with Ardour and more generally with a plugin that does not respond quickly to DAW.

I could not find any way to configure DAW to parallelize the startup tracks/plugins loading using a multi-threading/multi-core system.Perhaps there is no such possibility at present.

Could it be a useful option in a more general case?


In my opinion this is a design flaw in the plugins. There is no technical reason for authorizing every single instance of the same plugin. Also when first authorized the plugin could save the authorization to a file on your computer and use that the next time the plugin is opened. No need to contact the vendor each time. As this happens with Reaper also confirms that this is a design flaw in the plugins.

“Free and commercial”
Not sure what is meant by that, but if they are free, why do they have to go though some process for authorization?

That would require some substantively complex re-engineering of the code. There is a completely historically-reasonable perspective that (a) loading plugins is relatively fast and (b) does not require more than 1 thread. Distributing this across multiple threads is not impossible to design, but it would break many, many design assumptions.

I also think it is a problem of over-protection especially when using many instances of the same plugin. Plugin-Alliance offers free of charge some plugins that must be equally authorized. The cryptographic authorization process is heavy and a fast processor responds faster than a slow one. The answer to DAW is still not fast.