panpot on mono tracks

Hi, mates! Is there any reason why, with A5, there is no panpot on mono tracks?
This happens with new projects as well as with “imported” A4 projects.
Thanks in advance (if someone has a good tip in order to convert old A4 mono tracks to new A5 stereo tracks, it woulb a great help!).

You have to add one extra out. You need one in and two out to get the pan pot.

Is the mono track connected to a stereo bus? Usually a pan pot will be instantiated when adding new tracks if there is a stereo master bus in the project.

There’s always a mono panner on a mono track connected to a stereo master bus. Such tracks have 1 input and 2 outputs.

If you create a session and specify manual track output connections, then you get tracks with 1 input and 1 output, unconnected. There is therefore no panner in such cases, until you add another output port.

Yup, my mistake was that the track was created with strict IO, and so I was unable to add audio port. With a mono track with flexible IO, it’s OK. Thanks a lot!

Still sounds like you also chose to do manual connections to the master out, or opted to have no master out at all, or chose to use a mono master out.

Strict/Flexible IO wouldn’t affect wiring new track’s output(s) to the master bus, and if that was being automatically (as is the default) then the tracks would end up with as many outputs as the master bus has inputs. Presumably, that’s two, and thus the tracks would have a panner.

In fact, I didn’t choose anything, I think it’s more like the project was created with MB, cleansed from any MB references (master, the 8 groups etc) and then a pseudo master bus was added (maybe so maybe not, I cannot remember, it’s an old project). So, if this sounds sensible to you, do not keep on reflecting on this, this is my own total mistake. Again, thanx for your help.