Panning right doesn't work [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’m new to ardour and just started a new project with one mono track to record guitar, and a master. When panning left, everything works fine, but when I pan right, there’s no sound coming out of the right speaker.
Meters of the mono track and of the master are jumping so the sound is definitely coming in.
Left output of the track is connected to the left input of the master, same thing with right output/input.
I have no plugins involved on either track or master…
And of course, yes, the right speaker is working fine with other softwares.
Maybe I’m missing something ? Can someone offer any help ?

Thanks a lot
I’m using Ardour7 + jack on ubuntu 23.04

OK. let’s follow the signal path:

  • In the mixer window, does the meter of the master-bus show a signal on the right channel?

  • Is master-bus output connected to left/right?

  • is the hardware mixer of the device perhaps muting the right channel?
    In a terminal window run alsamixer , press <F6> to select the device <F3> to show playback controls and see if any of the outputs is muted [MM]

  • after that the signal leaves the soundcard to the speakers, and you said that works with other software.

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Hi Robin, thanks for helping me out.
Tweaking the playback controls in alsamixer did the trick !

In case this happens to anyone : alsamixer was showing 8 outputs per PCM signals, with everything down to 0 on PCM2 except PCM2-out1. So I cranked up PCM2-out2 (right speaker) and set all other PCM2-out to 0 (including PCM2-out1) :

I also cranked up PCM1-out1 and set all other outputs to 0 :

Now the panning is ok in ardour, left and right !

Thanks again Robin for the quick answer !

Have a nice day

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