Panning Issue


I just recorded a few things with Ardour, but for some reason they can’t be porperly panned. On the relevant tracks, I can see the level reading only show left when panned left, only show right when panned right, and show both when panned center as it should, but the audio does nothing except get slightly louder when the panning is centered. For whatever reason, this only happens with stuff recorded by me directly to ardour, and not woth files Ive imported or embedded from elsewhere (these work fine).

As for hardware, Ive got the XLR mic going to a small mixer with stereo outs going to the mini-jack stereo mic input.

Any ideas?



Where are the track outputs connected to? Click on the relevant button in the bottom of the mixer strip (in either ther editor mixer, or the mixer window). The button reads “Output” or the name of the virtual “connection” the track is set.

It sounds like as if both outputs of the track (left & right) go in to the same jack port.

Also, did you record on a stereo track or a mono track? That makes a big difference in the panners ardour gives for the track.

Yes, Ive checked the outputs and each channel is connected to the corresponding master inputs. Is this what you mean? Also, all the tracks on which the stuff was recorded are stereo tracks.

Incidentally, because I had just started the project, I exported all the regions to individual wav files and then imported them again into a new session, and now everything works perfectly. Maybe this was a bug? I guess it seems unlikely, but Ill try and reproduce it.