panning aux sends in A3


anybody knows if it’s possible to pan aux sends in A3? I remember I could do this in A2, but in A3 it seems to me that nothing can be done to pan them, so the signal is always sent center-panned to a stereo bus…


They share panning with the track for now. So however you pan the track, the send will be panned identically. This is wrong … but it is how things are for now.

It’s not wrong, but it does need the option to disconnect that tracking if required.


Agreed. My most common use case is to have aux send panning reflect my main mix, but that is not my only use case either:)


This is something that relates to another post.

an ideal functionality would be to allow having 2 aux sends to be sent to 1 group that has a stereo reverb (with 2 inputs) that connects send 1 to input 1 and send 2 to input 2, or to have a send that has a panner. that way you can pan the sends which pans what you are sending in reverb space.

But panning sends reflecting panning on the tracki is a good start since this is commen if you are using send panning on effects. eg. tom panned left is panned left in reverb space.

A workaround would be to setup 2 mono reverbs on 2 buses, setup 1 how you want it to sound and copy the plugin to the 2nd bus so as to have the exact same settings and use 2 sends so you can get the desired panning.

say you want to have dry sound on left, and wet one on right.

how do you patch that in Ardour ?

@stratojaune, as veda_sticks mentioned above, maybe use 2 sends to 2 mono busses, make 1 wet and 1 dry pan each to suit. Or mono the track (dry) and send to a mono effect buss(wet), pan each to suit.

What I do, for instance for ambience on drums or guitars where aload of stuff is going into one effect,but the effect panning needs to be different, is have the track dry (if stereo - mono it and pan) and then send to an intermediate mono bus (panning that) and then send into to the main effect bus. A bit convoluted but seems to work.

@veda_sticks, for the most part, yes, sends reflecting the track panning is fine, but a few ticks(or even a load of ticks) change either side especially on slap/reverb effect busses can make a big difference.

I still think it would be best if the stereo track panning wasnt locked symetrically. I understand the theory of not going wider than 100%( and you can use a spacialiser for that) but to adjust L R independantly within the 100% is pretty useful. Ok, you can shuffle the locked panner about, but it’s be far easier to just move each one and restrict movement when it reaches 100%.

Off topic , but a tiny feature request…? Any chance, developers, of having the option to turn off the mixer meters (great new options for the metering btw). It’s suprising how much the visual stimulation effects your hearing. What I do sometimes now is have the stereo buss meter on and the rest set to vu (which is mostly off the scale) and adjust levels using just ears.