Panning automation

I’d like to create a panning automation (L <-> R) on an audio region in 1/16th sync with the song tempo. The audio region can be long, so adding points manually to the automation line is impractical (I did once :-). I know that CTRL-C / CTRL-V works after selecting a range but only on processor automation lanes (not on pan). There are plugins that can do that but I think this is a nice feature to do within Ardour.
Any suggestion?

BTW, I suspect this is a great task for a LUA script:
-position the playhead
-select an audio region
-for all the audio after the playhead (within in the region):

  • get the number of samples in 1/16th of the song tempo (supposed constant)
  • hard pan (L or R) all the samples in 1/16th, or linearly interpolate from L to R
  • end

I started lurking into x42 scripts but didn’t find yet something really close to my task.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Ok, found it :-). Just in case someone else has the same question:

  • on an audio track -> show pan automation
  • do some panning point and leave the automation visible
  • select a range in the audio region with the “range mode” tool;
  • right mouse click => “Select all in range”
  • with the “Internal Edit Mode” button select the points in the pan automation lane, then CTRL-C
  • now reposition the playhead and CTRL-V

Maybe the LUA script is still an option for this action…


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Tal Filter 2 can do this.
Name is a bit deceiving because it not only can filter but does panning and volume automation too.

Hi rghvdberg, I didn’t know about Tal Filter 2, I’ll check it. Another one is Loomer Sequent, but I think that doing it in Ardour may avoid the overhead of a plugin just for doing something Ardour is capable of. What do you think?


Using a plugin is so, so, so much faster (◕‿◕)