Panner automation not working

I’m trying to automate panning on a mono track and it’s not doing what I expect. I find that when I put the automation into play mode, no matter where the curve is, the track is always stuck at wherever the curve is at the end of the track, which is hard left in my case.

This is an extreme example:

The Azimuth slider moves as expected as the playhead passes through the curve, and the slider in the mixer strip also bounces back and forth, but there is no audible difference at all. If I change the very last point on the curve to some other value, like hard right, then the track is stuck there, still ignoring the curve.

What am I doing wrong here?

Nothing. It is a bug in 7.0.0 - meanwhile already fixed in 7.0-123-gfa858a0386

The problem exists if you draw automation in a new session, and use a music-time (bar/beat) grid to make the first point.

Importing automation from older versions or recording automation is fine, also if you clear the list and start with audio-time (HH:MM:SS, min:sec, samples) grid.

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