panner 1 input to 2 outputs

Seems a dumb question but, after searching a lot I couldn’t find a way to get a mono panner on a track. Panners appear automatically on stereo busses and tracks but nothing on a mono track.

The panner type is dictated as much by the number of output ports on a tack as the inputs. Check how many output ports this track has. If it only has one, then that is why you have no panner.

I am on 3.5.143. I read a comment by Paul saying that if the panner does not appear by itself, one should check the i/o count of the track. On my system, when adding an audio track choosing a ‘mono’ configuration, Ardour creates a track with 1 input and 1 output, rather than the common configuration of 1 input and 2 outputs (for a session with a 2 output master). However, if I right click on the output area of that track and add an audio port, then the mono panner appears. Is this as normal procedure?

that shouldnt be happening. Ive just added a mono audio track and a panner is there on the mixer. Can pan my mono track left or right.

Same happens with mono buses.

What version of ardour are you using?
Is this happening in other sessions?

What is the point in having a panner if you have only one output ? I think this it is by design and the only right way to omit panner if 1 in and one out

If you add a plugin that provides two outputs, that strip will add a panner to make that plugin fully usable.

jpb: if you select “manual connection” AND create a mono track, then you get 1 in/1out. If you select “automatic connection”, then the mono track has 1 in/2out (since it gets connected to the master bus (this assumes that the master bus has 2 inputs). If you want things to work “automatically”, then don’t select “manual connection”.


I’ve got this problem too. I’m very new to Ardour, so forgive me if I’m being dense.

The mono channels I create have a panner in the mixer strip - but it doesn’t do anything. Stereo channels work OK - but you have to set the width to zero to get it working like I would expect a mono channel to work

Putting a stereo plug-in does the trick, but seems a clumsy way to achieve a simple pan of a mono source?

Adding a port by right clicking the output section of the channel strip gives you a panner - but it’s a ‘one in, three out’ panner and not much use to me.

Putting in a stereo Bus in between the mono input and master doesn’t help - you have to drop the width to zero again - which will mean it’s a mono bus, and won’t be much help when there are several channels going through it.

You say: ‘if you select “manual connection” AND create a mono track, then you get 1 in/1out. If you select “automatic connection”, then the mono track has 1 in/2out’

But where do you do these selections? In preferences I have ‘Auto-connect master/monitor busses’ ticked. And ‘Connect track inputs: automatically to physical inputs’. And Connect track and bus outputs: automatically to master bus’

I hope that makes sense, and that someone can help!