pan control for generic control surface

I’m using a Roland SI-24 control surface and successfully mapped the faders using Ctrl and the middle mouse button. The pan pots, however, are a different story. They seem to be acting as a toggle switch rather than sending fluid MIDI CC data, i.e. turning the pot toggles between hard left and hard right only. Is there a way to differentiate between these types of messages in Ardour, and if not, could someone point me toward the appropriate source file(s) so I can read how the code handles generic control surfaces?

Nobody has run into this issue? Basically, my control surface makes relative pan adjustments. The pots have no absolute limits that would correspond to 0 or 127; they just turn arbitrarily, like a jog wheel. So I’m guessing that each counter-clockwise turn sends a value of 0 and each clockwise turn sends a 127. Apparently Ardour interprets those values as hard left and hard right. Is there a way to make Ardour interpret them as an increment to the current pan setting instead?

I don’t think relative CC’s are implemented right now, but a developper should confirm that