Pan automation seems a little broken

Automating panning with > 2 channels records ok, but I can’t play it back with any of the usual options (Play, Write, Touch, Latch). Only manual works. Any other setting will scroll through the music, but without any sound.

Tried to add it to the bugtracker, but either it or me are too buggy right now.

The works, other than a many-year-long bug that causes issues if you’re not “fast enough” (this is a bug in Mantis itself, the bug tracker system we use).

There is essentially no automation handling for the VBAP panner at this time. It’s not so much broken as being hard to design correctly.

Yeah, I’m not the fastest at stuff like that…and that…and that other thing.
Thanks for the reply. I just started getting into Ambisonics and such.

If you get into Ambisonics, Ardour’s own panners become irrelevant (we use VBAP, not ambisonics). You just bypass the panner (right click), and then use plugin automation instead (for the ambi plugin(s)).

It seems that the VBAP is only partially implemented, or am I doing something wrong? If I send a mono channel to a 4 channel bus (for say quadraphonic) there is no ‘spread’ control - I can only pan around the periphery of the circle, not move from a point to the middle of the room (all speakers equally on). Are there any vbap panners as plugins available? I couldn’t find any. I’m used to vbap in Max so I can always go there via Jack, but it would be nice to find a simpler solution.

I noticed the lack of spread on mono tracks also, but it was easy enough to use stereo strips. I think there is nothing to ‘spread’ in mono.

Yes, easy if you’re mixing to stereo. But if you add a 4 channel send you get the VBAP panner. Just like stereo you can move between front left and front right, or front right & rear right ( and carry on rear right to rear left, rear left to front left) but if you want to move a sound front left to rear right, diagonally across the middle of the room, you can’t

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