Paid Support


Just a quick question. Have the developers of Ardour ever consider offering paid support? Perhaps as a subscription service or as a ‘pay per question’ or ‘pay per feature request’?

Just curious. This is reasonably important to creative professionals who use a particular package for their lively hood and like to know there’s always someone there.

Hi, are you thinking about something like a bounty system? (for example: If we could figure that there’s some people actually interested in doing this it could be one more way to raise funds for the project, so why not? If the developers think so, of course

+1 for a bounty system - it would certainly encourage developers to get features done!

I’d like to see this. It would be real great if everyone could pay something to get the bug fixed that’s worst for him/her or get work done on the most important feature.
I’m sure such a system would encourage more people to give
money, because they could really see what their money is used for.

It depends if the developers feel that’s cool or if they think it would maybe interfere with their workflow / ideas (like which feature is the most important), maybe someone could influence Ardour in a bad way with much money?. And of course this payment system wouldn’t replace subscriptions etc.