Paid but find no way to actually download the software

So, I must be missing something. I paid for the software but find no way to actually download the software. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be dandy.

what operating system are you using? normally you would click on download, then pick which version you want (osx ppc, osx intel, or source code), then click on continue. How did you pay?

Were you logged in when you donated? If not then there is no way to track that you donated. And yes we have the option to donate when not logged in because many people donate in this manner for various reasons.


ok I just donated 25 euros (while logged in) , but when I go to download I am told I have paid nothing, a bit insulting to say the least!

@dickonwhitehead: Mark - thanks very much for your support.

The donation system is really separate from the download system, because we have thousands of Linux users who get Ardour from their Linux repositories and then later come to to support the project financially. The same is true of most OS X users who pay nothing for the “demo” version. Most of our donors are “anonymous” in the sense that they don’t have accounts. There are ways to donate that end up being associated with your account, but the typical ones do not do this - donations do not “buy” you anything on the site, so there isn’t a compelling reason to track user ID’s and donations. To pay for a download, the idea is that you just … pay for a download.

I apologize for the confusion and insulting feeling that this generated, and will consider changing it so that we always track user ID’s where appropriate.