Paid above $45 for Ardour 5.12 but not allowed to download 6.x

Hi there,

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but I donated / paid $50 for 5.12 so I’d assume I’d have access to 6.x. Is this incorrect? Is there somewhere I can prove my donation with the PayPal receipt?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The system is set up so that your payment would have given you access to 6.0 (i.e. the next major release of Ardour after the version you paid for). But it does not currently give you access to 6.x (where x is greater than zero). It probably should.

Email me at and we’ll work something out.

Hi @paul, thanks for the quick response! If that’s the case, I have no issues in paying for >6.0, I just wanted to confirm what the intended behaviour was (might be worth reviewing the wording there).

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