Pagliacci Empire hard rock recordings

Hi there,

after spending quite some hours in the rehearsel room, getting happy with Linux DSP’s amazing plugins and sending the stuff to a professional mastering engineer, I am proud to present you our 2 newest songs!

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It sounds like the guitars are recorded through a modeller, like a Vox Tonelab or Boss GT-10 or something.

Unless it’s an artistic decision to keep it, to get rid of the “swarm of angry bees sound” I recommend using a parametric EQ, like the Triple band parametric with shelves, and cut 15-20dB at about 7kHz with a really small bandwidth (0.1 or something).
These settings work great on my Tonelab, if you’re using some other stuff you might have to adjust the values to find the right ‘spot’.

Hey Peder,

thanks a lot for your reply!
Actually these are 2 Mesa Boogie Stilettos with Marshall cabinets. I admit I didn’t place the microphones perfectly and I will see what your recommendation does to the sound. But we are quite happy with it and hope that the “angry bees” add a bit to an aggressive kind of sound :wink: