page after page, no download

I’ve been on this site for 20 min, I registered, and clicked the Download tab, clicked “I want to download” link but I keep getting more pages with no download. Is this site a scam or something? How about you donate to my “Time is money and I just wasted 20min for nothing” fund?

I have fixed the link on that page to the OS X X11 DMG. I apologize for the error.

Never thought I’d see Buddha saying “time is money”.

What about the OSX native, non-X11 version? There’s no download link for that. Please advise.

Never mind. I figured it out. It’s a bit obscure, though. A direct link would be ever so helpful…

There is no direct link because I am not satisfied that the native version is worthy of a “public” release. GTK/OSX has lots of problems that are not fixed, and are taking a long time to fix, and Leopard has introduced lots of new instabilities in the native version. I am not interested in bringing new users to a program that is unstable, buggy and crash prone.

Now, the native version is not that bad, but it does still have some issues and until we resolve them, I don’t intend to put up a web page with a link to a DMG or .zip that effectively tells people “this is ready for everyone”.

Understandable? Justifiable? Reasonable?

I’m confused :c I am having of trouble downloading the software. Can somebody help me?


Your best option is to create a new thread instead of zombifying a thread that is nearly 6 years old now. In said thread I would also post exactly what you are trying to do to download the software, what OS/Browser/etc. you are on. etc. as a question like you posted gives noone any useful information with which to help you.


Thank you Seablade!