Pagan Metal concert: Finsterforst


I recorded the album release concert of the Pagan/Viking Metal band Finsterforst.

Here’s a listening sample of what I’ve done with Ardour, Jamin and the great linuxdsp plugins:

Finsteforst live - von glorreichem Schmerz

It’s only a 4 minute sample; the band is on tour right now and I can’t really ask their permission for the full song, but I’m happy with what I’ve done today so I want to share it.

Criticism of the mix/master is much appreciated!


I am having trouble understanding the singer - maybe a little more volume would be helpful. On the other hand, my German is a bit rusty…

I suppose you recorded through the PA and then later remixed and found the right balance between channels?

The combination heavy metal+ accordion is bound to give some challenges, but i think it actually sounds very well after a couple of listenings.


Hi Jens,

thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, I’ve recorded the direct outs of the channels in the live situation and later mixed it at home. Originally there were 22 channels, so I combined some (toms to stereo instead of 4 independ channels etc.) and got it down to 16 channels, as I use 2 M-Audio Delta1010LTs.

Well, as for the singer… I guess you’re not really supposed to understand him :wink: