OverTone DSP Plug-ins now £10 each.

What more can I say.

They work with Ardour (and other linux VST compatible hosts).

I have almost all of your plugins and just grabbed the AF2-10/M. Thanks !

Awesome plugs. I’ve used them all. Everyone go buy them!

Hi Do you know if they work under Ubuntu studio?
They are very nice.
Cheers bob

@wavesound: I’m not aware of any issues - however Linux distros (and host applications) vary, but you can always download and try the demo versions for free to test compatibility with your distro / host application(s). If you use the pre-compiled Ardour binaries from ardour.org you will likely have the best chance of success. If you do run into any issues, please let me know via the contact form on the overtonedsp.co.uk site.

[EDIT] If you use the pre-compiled Ardour binary from ardour.org as your host application you will likely have the best chance of success…

I couldn’t resist this offer and bought the PTC-2A, PTM-5A and FC70 bundle. I did a live recording of a classical concert in a local church (40ish choir, viola, cello, double bass, 2 organs) this weekend. I used all of these plugins and I’m really pleased with the results. Thanks Mike!

Hi All
I have got them all working in Ardour and taking a few school days getting the best from them
I love the sound from my strat as I I can now sit it nice in the mix, was always a bit hit and miss for me.
Got to say the results I’m getting are getting me up there with my reference stuff, very little difference at the mo, and that will change soon.
It’s a nice time to be writing and playing, Thank you all.

Thanks Mike for the generous offer. I just bought three of them (AF2-10, DYN500 and EQ500).


Everyone go buy all of these. They’re awesome. They’re my go to plugs.

@Arnd, I’m thinking of picking up the FC70 for live classical duties. Would be kind enough to let me know how you used it for the church concert you mentioned? Did you use it purely as a limiter or as some kind of compressor/limiter hybrid (and does one even have a choice)?