OverTone DSP EQ4000 beta available for Linux

Ardour users might be interested to try a beta (preview) release of the OverTone EQ4000 VST plug-in for Windows, Mac and Linux at:


The EQ4000 emulates the E-Series EQ section from one of the best-known British recording consoles. It provides the earlier ‘Brown’ and later ‘Black’ EQ types together with the HF - HMF and LF - LMF crosslinking in the original design.

The plug-in will run in demo mode, the full version will be available to buy later in the year.

Oooh this looks interesting. Looking forward to giving it a try and it being released!

Just bumping this thread to let people know there are now Audio Unit, and VST3 for Mac (and Windows) in addition to linux VST2 plug-ins to try. The 4000 E-series EQ is one of the most versatile console channel EQs (in either of its ‘Black’ or ‘Brown’ incarnations), while at the same time, being almost impossible to make sound bad. A huge amount of work has gone into trying to capture that and I hope we’ve achieved something very close to it in this plug-in.


Is there VST2 support cross platform? Meaning I could conceivably open a session on Windows or Linux with a VST2 version of the plugin inserted and it would work fine on both?


Yes it should work - (that’s actually one of the reasons I implemented the initial linux VST2.x support in Ardour in the first place, and also because, from a plug-in developer’s point of view it’s much easier to have one (less) format to deal with. I believe Ardour now supports VST on Mac too, which means you’re not necessarily tied only to AU on Mac either).

Yep just wanted to clarify as how your post read I wasn’t sure if you only released VST3 for Windows or if you have VST2 as well. Thanks! Glad to see you back on the dark side of life (Linux).


The latest beta has VST2 for Windows, Mac and Linux, VST3 for Windows and Mac, and AudioUnit for Mac (we have working ProTools / AAX builds too but they haven’t been included yet, not that that should affect Ardour users at all)

Now available (ahead of schedule) to try for free or buy at


Released version includes VST2, VST3, AAX, AudioUnit for Windows and Mac, and VST2 for Linux