Overlapping / unreadable range markers

Ardour 6.9-5 on Manjaro Linux XFCE.

In several sessions, I use range markers to ease navigation. However, when 2 ranges have end / start at the same point on the timeline, they overlap and become unreadable.


I can make them readable by dragging the markers away and back. But after saving, closing and reopening the session, they are back to overlapping. It doesn’t matter if the markers are “Glued to bars and beats” or not.

I also tried placing the playhead at that point in time and doing “Set marker from playhead”. This works until I close the session, but does not persist.

How do I get rid of this annoyance?

So since they have identical start and end time, you do want to delete one of the ranges?

Try Menu > Window > Locations, or use the Editor’s sidebar: Menu > View > Show Editor Lists. That has a “Rages & Marks” Tab.

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Or use the shortcut: Shift+L

No, I don’t want to delete anything. Range 2 starts where range 1 ends, and I want to keep both.

It’s just that when ‘range 1 end’ is at the same point in time as ‘range 2 start’ those markers become unreadable.

If I move one marker they become readable:


If I choose “Set marker from playhead” they are still readable:


But if I close the session and reopen it, they become unreadable:


How to keep them readable always?

If range 2 starts before range 1 ends (if the ranges overlap) the labels are not shown.

Looks like a bug in Ardour 6.9 when calculating the effective position of markers when the tempo changes. I believe the issue is already fixed for upcoming Ardour 7.

A workaround would be to just move the end of the first range a tiny bit before the start of Range 2.

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