Overflow Guy - Diabete (Live from the forum)

Hi there !

I wanted to share with you a live session entirely recorded and mixed with ardour and ACE plugins.


We took an old Zoom R16 to record it (which was a pain, because the preamps were quite noisy and unstable), 4 mics for the drums (Audix D6 for the kick, SM57 for the snare, ADX51 for the overhead), 2 for the guitar (E906 for the guitar amp signal and Audix DP4 for the bass amp signal.)

We surprisingly didn’t have to mix that much : few eq on the snare and little compression on the kick made it work (ACE community compressor and EQ).
We also used compressor, EQ and dragonfly reverb on the voice.
We would really like to thank Ardour devs for the hard quality work they’ve done : everything worked well, simple and fast.

I would like to hear some advices on how to mix it better : every time I pushed too much on EQ or compression, it gave me a worst result than the rough mix, so I ended up doing a “less is more” kind of mixing. We had a lot of fun making it, and we would like to sound better for our next try.

Thank you for your time and for your future advices.

What would you like different about the mix? The current mix is a good representation of a punk band in a small room, so in that sense it seems to fit your style.

I have only been able to listen on earphones so far, so my opinion might change after listening on speakers, but the mix sounds a little bit bass light for my taste. A more pop-punk style of mix would have the bass a little better defined (more treble through a combination of EQ, compression, and playing style), the vocals quite a bit more forward, and the guitar tailored with EQ (and partially arrangement) to not overlap with the vocal range as much.

But is sounding like Green Day what you want? The arrangement doesn’t really lead me to that conclusion, so maybe some information about what you consider to be a good sounding mix for your style of music would lead to more appropriate suggestions.