Outputting MTC while using LTC sync issues

Hey I just recently noticed that outputting MTC with the MTC generator while using LTC timecode sync doesn’t seem to work as expected.
If you play on your timeline without LTC enabled and watch the midi tracer MTC out you see MTC running like normal. but as soon as you enable LTC sync, the MTC stops outputting even though the timeline is still rolling. It seems to happen both while free rolling and also while actively syncing. I have done this setup many times on older versions of Ardour but I this tried today on Ardour6, and the latest Ardour8 with the same effect.

Is anyone else noticing this? Am I doing something wrong? was there a change I missed in new versions that makes this no longer an option?

We discussed this on IRC, which allowed for a faster discussion…

The issue at hand is that MTC is only generated while Ardour’s transport is locked to LTC.
If the LTC source goes offline and Ardour free-rolls, no MTC is sent.

Then there is a follow up bug, after re-loading the session. Ardour’s timecode master does not respond to any incoming LTC, when the port is auto-connected.