Output midi track to external keyboard

Hi all - I want to output a midi track to an external keyboard on a specific midi channel. I’m using a Roland UM-ONE MIDI interface (which is recognised in the outputs, but not selectable ), but I can’t find out to just go ‘this track, to this device, on this channel’. Ubuntu Studio 17.04, Ardour 5.8

FYI, Ardour 5.10 is out.

Does it work if you right-click on the MIDI track and select “Outputs…?” From there, select the appropriate tab on the right, then click on the grid boxes to activate those connections.

Thanks for the heads up - will upgrade to 5.10.
Yes it does work if I select Outputs - for some reason it didn’t appear as an option previously (???) - I’m using someone else’s MIDI file which I have found gives random results occasionally. Much appreciated - problem solved - select channel, select hardware device, bingo! Much appreciated.