Output frequency monitor

I have a really silly question that, for sure, have a pretty obvious response, but I can’t find it at a first look. There is a lot of plugins for equalizing and all of them works really well. I have even tried the graphical eq from linuxdsp (a little difficult to master, but I’ll keep on fighting). But being a total newbie, what I really miss is a ‘realtime’ graphical display of the output frequencies to see what frequencies are being used and to see the action of the equalizer in a graphical way. I now I should use my ears, but I’m learning and I still need some visual help.

I’m not sure if you know what I talking about (I’m not very skilled with English), something similar to those bars displays on the old 90’s hi-fi systems. You know?

Hi ancorgs,

I think you should try the Invada LV2 plugins (http://www.invadarecords.com/Downloads.php?ID=00000264), there are packages for a lot of distributions for Linux. The Invada Meter has a spectrum view (http://linuxmao.org/tikiwiki/img/wiki_up/InvadaMeter.png).

Other than that, I’m also looking for realtime spectrum plugins!


Those plugins looks beautiful, I’ll try. Thanks Benjamin.