Output devices not listed?

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to configure Ardour but am stumped at basically step one.


If you take a look at that screenshot of the Audio/MIDI Setup window for a new project, you’ll see that the output device selected is “HDA Intel PCH”. This appears to be my computers internal speaker. But it’s really quiet and poor quality.

Unfortunately, this is the only output device I can select. I’ve tried selecting JACK as the audio system, with various configuration options, but it always comes up as “HDA Intel PCH” as the only output device available.

I also have speakers through my HDMI monitor, and use these without issue with all other sound on my computer. I’d like to use these speakers OR my headphone jack as the output device.

Does anyone know how to use different output devices in Ardour?

All the best,

Check the settings in alsamixer for the HDA Intel PCH? It could be that they are turned down.


Umm, one thing missing in your post is: which audio device is it you would like to use? PCH (or HDA) covers all Audio managed by the Mother Board. It is not really a device so much as a bus. In some cases different devices are hw:PCH,0,0 and hw:PCH,1,0 etc. in other cases the output audio goes to both internal speakers and headphones with just two level controls, one for each. In yet other cases there is a utility called hdajackretask that changes the use of each audio jack on the motherboard and the computer case. In all cases it is PCH/HDA that covers it. If you have another device either a PCI(e) or USB that will show up separately.

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