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It would ever so nice (wishful thinking) if a future version of Ardour included the feature of turning a composition into a printable score. This seems to me to be the one major feature not yet present. Other than this, I find Ardour to be quite easy to master, and its interface highly intuitive. Bravo!

You can export a midi file in ardour and then put it in to musescore. Then you have the score

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It would be interesting to create an integrated system, so that in Ardour, by pressing “create score”, automatically happens that: all the MIDI tracks are downloaded, MuseScore is opened and the MIDI files are loaded, the score is generated, the individual parts are exported , Ardour imports them, and each part’s image appears above each MIDI track in Ardour. So with a single action in Ardour you can view the complete score above each MIDI track, which can be edited if necessary while remaining in MuseScore. Other software could also be integrated to interact together with Ardour.

Remaining question could be why use fuzzy borderlined stuff as Musescore (unless it now has been cleansed and exorcised :wink: ) and not straight simple (sic) stuff like for instance midi2ly and lilypond ?

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Just for the record, Musical Engraving and Typesetting are a huge task in their undertaking and probably outside the realm of Ardour at the moment. Not saying it couldn’t be included in the future, but it is important to know exactly how complicated this can get especially when dealing with non-western standard time signatures, etc. There is a reason that specific tools exist for this purpose in many cases.

Again to be clear I am not arguing against this at the moment, I just want people to understand exactly how much work is being asked for to do such a task.

In as far as some of the other ideas in the thread, sounds like a good possibility for Lua scripting, but would require additional capabilities that don’t exist in Ardour to show such a thing as well.

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Sure, I wrote “MuseScore”, but it could be any other music notation software.
The thing I’ve always missed is the score visualization of a MIDI region/track. I often simply transcribe the notes into the score on a paper by hand with a pencil, to visualize the notes of the melodic line or the chords, so I can get on with the work.
I’m quicker to write by hand than to do the whole procedure with MuseScore. It’s just a matter of viewing portions of melodies or some chord sequences.

This is why I talk about an integrated system.
A bit like in construction design, where the CAD drawing software can integrates with another structural calculation software, even though they are two distinct software.

Of course that also allows for a layer of integration between software and information sharing beyond typical (BIM). On the flip side Vectorworks Spotlight has Braceworks with it so I only deal with that so much:)


You should have a look at MusE sequencer (not related to musescore in any way) it has a score view for it’s midi parts


Well, they were both created by Werner Schweer


Oh, I didn’t know that, I sit corrected :slight_smile:

There are other programs for that, like Rosegarden (Linux)

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