Out of the Void

Hi all,

I just uploaded my latest effort, which you can listen on SoundCloud:

I usually share a lengthy description of the process on LinuxMusicians, but it looks like it’s down, so I’ll write a brief summary here.

It’s a track I’ve had in mind for more than 20 years, but only started writing down a few months ago. Now that I’ve finally recorded everything, it feels like the end of a journey, especially since it has meaning on a personal level.

For the first time I experimented a bit more, in particular to record the acoustic guitars and the bass. For the acoustic guitar, I recorded it using a pickup and a mic at the same time, since I didn’t like either on their own; for the bass, I splitted it in three tracks and applied different effects (e.g., one to only distort the mids) to try and make it pop more. Not sure if it all payed off at the end, but it was certainly fun to try!

Hope you’ll enjoy it, and looking forward to your feedback!


What’s there not to like, all is good :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks to you for listening!