Our first made with ardour/ open source tools mix is up!!!


A cover of the Pixies "Monkey Gone to Heaven." Recorded on a fostex vf-160 a few years ago, a few overdubs in reaper a while ago, but mixed in ardour runnign in avlinux, just finished today. Enjoy!


Nice job…great mix, the drums sound terrific and the vocals are super especially the harmonies. All around a great recording, well done! Keep ‘em comin’

Thanks. I just wanted to alert you that we’ve changed the site a little and the link to Monkey Gone to Heaven has changed. Just visit http://shutterwax.com and click on the link to music or follow these links to songs all mixed with Ardour:

Feel free to download and share the songs. We’ll keep you abreast of our Linux recording journey with AV and Ardour!