Others experience with video export in 6.5

So back in 6.3 I was able to export to video (h264) after importing an .AVI file. After updating to 6.5 there seems to be an issue on my machine where it will get to a high percentage of encoding completion (>50%) and stop. When I check the resulting file in my export folder the output video will play fine but at some point near the end it will freeze frame and the rest of the video data is lost.
I was able to work around the problem by setting the end marker well past where my video stops that way my output file has all of the video I need but with a black screen for the remainder of the video. I should note that the black screen also suffers from the freezing problem but it doesn’t matter.
I took a look at (https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/blob/master/gtk2_ardour/export_video_dialog.cc) and I noticed in
ExportVideoDialog::encode_pass (int pass)
the _transcoder->set_duration(duration_s * _transcoder->get_fps()); statement. Perhaps the encoder is only running for a predetermined amount of time and my video is longer than that? Just an idea.
Could someone else try exporting a video and let me know if they run into the same issue?
Let me know if you want more details on the issue I’m facing.

I had the same frame freeze issue when exporting this… video (25s) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSQFYox30aI

I have the same exact issue on 6.3. The percentage of how much it actually encodes varies but yes it does seem to be over 50% in most cases. changing the format or encoder when exporting doesn’t seem to affect it.

At some point I imported the source files (separate audio + video) into another project and it made a difference in how much was encoded.

I will update to 6.5 and see if that changes anything.

Any help would be appreciated!

So after a very long hiatus I got around to testing this issue again. In my sample size of 1 test it worked today so I may be able to revert to my old workflow. I’ll update the original thread post with this info.

Edit: Doesn’t look like I can edit the original post so forget that last part.

Just did a few more tests on a different video format (MJPEG) and it appears to be working. This may have been an issue with FFmpeg that was fixed in an update since December 2020 but I can’t say for certain.
If anyone else is still experiencing this issue let me know and perhaps we could investigate but as of this moment I guess this problem is a non-issue at this point.

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