Other languages and Translation "team"

Hello everyone!

I’m installing the latest non-3.0 ardour from SVN and I was just wondering.

Has it been translated to other languages? are there any plans on doing this?.

Also, is the code structure translator-friendly? because if so, I wouldn’t like contributing for the spanish version :). And I’m sure there must be tons of other people wanting to translate it into other languages.

Thanks in advance for the reply :smiley:

SORRY for the typpo, it’s not “Wouldn’t LIKE” it’s “WOULDN’T MIND”!!! heh

Hi gattytto, there is a mailing list for the spanish translation team. You can join us at “grupo-traductores at teklibre dot com”. You are very welcome!

Afaik Paul has not yet called for translations for ardour3. I think he will do before the final release. We are just maintaining the 2.ongoing branch by the time being.

Ardour uses gettext and there are independent translation files for each language.

Cheers! Pablo

Great! Thanks alot for the information Pablo :smiley: