Other Jackable Linux --> Mac OS X apps

Hello, Taybin and other interested parties:

I’m aware of Ardour, Hydrogen, and Jamin. Are there others I’m unaware of?

Cutting to the chase, I’d really like the ability to get Jaaa, Japa, and perhaps a few others running on my Macbook/Mac OS X.

I’ve read Taybin’s http://www.taybin.com/unix-style-development-on-macosx/ and it seems like a good starting point. I’ve even attempted a feeble ‘make’ of the jaaa source code (to deal-breaking protests regarding the lack of alsa).

Am I foolish to believe that with a bit of elbow grease, most Jackable linux applications could be compiled for Mac OS X?

I apologise if this is viewed as off-topic, but I think it’s ultimately relevent.



sooperlooper is another.

yes, most JACK linux apps can be ported to OS X with a small amount of effort.

I’m using qsynth right now and it is AWESOME (on os x).
however, it was a bit hard to install it and all of its dependencies :confused:
if you’re still interested, get it here: