[OT]What about stop talking and start creating?

I’m writing this post because I’ve read a lot of threads asking “is there a site where musicians can share their creations?” and so on.
Actually, I wanted to do a similar thing from a long time, and I had an idea. On last concert with my band, I decided to bring 10 of our CDs and at the end of the concert I said “I have there 10 cds, there is no price on them, actually, the first 10 people who will come here will get the CD at the price they want, considering today’s performance.”
I’ve earned 127€, something more than 150$.
So what I thought was: why not creating the same thing with digital music? Artist would have the freedom to share their music, and People would have the freedom to listen to it and support the artist in the way they prefer.
If someone likes the idea, I’m looking for someone to help on graphics and a pair of PHP programmers (I’m a programmer myself) to get started.
Please give feedback too.

Unfortunately/Fortunately, it’s been done already. They do have some music-quality criteria before you can get your music out there though:

Also, I think mySpace are doing something like this and check out:


actually yes, I checked them out both and they’re pretty similar but there are some main differences from what I’d like to do. First of all I wanted to keep the thing non-profit: the artist decides freely if a percentage of what they earn goes to the portal (think about donations in SourceForge); and also not to act as a label, think about a marketplace where anyone can show his stuff, people grabs something up, and then decide whether to pay for it or not, nothing more and nothing less.
And also, it would be focused on Made-with-Linux music.

That sounds really cool, drf. What kind of php do you have in mind? Seems like everything could be done with existing drupal modules and paypal.

Exactly, my doubt is “starting from scratch or create a module for a CMS?” Actually I requested a project page on sourceforge, I’ll keep you informed. If there is enough support, starting from scratch would be possible, otherwise it’s a matter of rewriting a module for a shopping cart, enabling the features described above.

Ready to start! The project has been approved by SourceForge and now it’s time to set the team up. My mail is drf54321 @ yahoo.it , and the project page is https://sourceforge.net/projects/osmportal