OT: Non-fretted strings synth

Off topic, but maybe some here has suggestions or pointers.

I’m looking for a tool, preferrably Android, that provides a sound generator that is X-Y controllable. Movement in the X direction changes the pitch (continuously) and movement in the Y direction changes the volume.
I would like to use this to mimic the sound of non-fretted strings like violin and cello.

Any ideas if such a tool exists?

wow, that would be useful in an ardour midi track. I’m working on some Robert Johnson guitar stuff - slide guitar.

Probably, but you’re missing an important part, which is onset.

MIDI is based on the notion that there is a chromatic scale for notes.

While there are MIDI parameters like pitch-bend, modulation, and tuning, it is not really useful for expressiveness of a slide-guitar, violin or fretless bass.

There are however dedicated synths (not using MIDI) for that. Here’s a fun prototype: BladeAxe and PlateAxe Overview - YouTube

or some that use MPE: e.g. Linnstrument can probably get close.

I would not really agree that MIDI has the idea of a chromatic scale for notes at its core. What is does have at its core is the notion of a keyboard-like mechanism, where notes begin and end at discrete points and retain the same pitch throughout. This is what breaks it as a model of playing non-fretted strings, or trombone, or vocals.

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