OT - Harrison Mixbus subscription - does this contribute to ardour

I’m a current ardour subscriber on my 3rd or fourth full price subscription (lost track)… I’m considering Harrison Mixbus but am not sure which way to go - subscription now, or wait for 3.x and do a full purchase… (realistically as I’ve done a number of studio purchases recently and need a mixer service I’m probably a month or two away from this)

My intention is to continue to be an Ardour subscriber but clearly money is a finite thing… If I take on the subscription model for Harrison - does that provide Ardour with regular finance? That would be an easy choice then…

If not then I need to consider other options such as lowering my Ardour subscription to a smaller amount or holding out till I can afford the full price of Harrison Mixbus…

Information appreciated here…



Some revenue from each Mixbus purchase or subscription does flow back to Ardour (i.e. me, right now).

thanks Paul… not jumping on to Mixbus … just yet (at least waiting till mixer service is done) … but this at least alleviates my guilt complex if I jump across and can’t afford both subscriptions :slight_smile:

Also, Harrison engineers do work on Ardour development. More Mixbus subscriptions means more development activity from Harrison, which means more features and fixes for Ardour.

I have the demo of mixbus which came with av-linux, ive not tried anything but i loaded it up. it certainly looks very impressive its nice to have an actual familiar mixing desk right infront of you.