OSX - Open Session causes error

When I double click a *.ardour file in Finder to load the project (Ardour is not opened in the back) the standard startup dialogue appears side by side with the audio engine dialogue. When I “OK” the audio engine dialogue the project and ardour opens. But the startup box is still visible - if I “X” it or press “quit” Ardour suddenly quits and OSX thinks it crashes. (Cancel is grayed out).

(OSX 10.11.1 / Ardour 4.4.334 demo)

Is this a misbehaviour? (I never opened a project this way before)

Which Audio Engine are you using? Core Audio or Jack?


Core Audio all the way.

This post would have been better on the issue tracker. Forums are not very well suited to discuss potential bugs.
Anyway, fixed in Ardour 4.4-341-g0f3c623

Thanks, I think a potential bug should be discussed if it is a bug or not.