OSX Leopard (Snow Leopard) and Tiger Themes for Ardour

Want your Ardour OSX to look like this:


Or how about this:


Well, NOW IT CAN!!!

Just download this file:


Once you’ve downloaded it, double click on the apply application and you’re set! The Leopard theme replaces Ardour’s default dark theme and the Tiger theme replaces Ardour’s default light theme. You even get a fancy blue icon for Ardour (to match the splash screen and the Ardour website), and monochrome faders to blend in seamlessly with your already beautiful Mac OS X desktop!

Regret installing these fabulous new themes? Don’t sweat! All you have to do is double click on the uninstall button and things go back to the purpley old Ardour you know and love.

If it’s not working, you’ll probably find the solution in the included README.

Now Ardour can look as beautiful as it sounds :wink:

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Have you tested the themes with Mixbus? Just curious.

I don’t have a copy of mixbus, so I’m not sure, but I would imagine they would work. One would need to manually install the themes, however, as the installer program moves the themes specifically into the ardour app bundle.

vervelover: now I remember why it took so long to find. It’s labelled correctly, but both the redirect list display and the treeview parent node do not color correctly by switching with the theme manager. Just select the light theme, save your session, and restart ardour. You’ll then see the plugins as they’re supposed to be. I’m not sure why this is, but it doesn’t seem to happen on the osx version of Ardour.

@macinnisrr: if you think this theme is finished, i’d be happy to merge it into the source/tarball …

Paul; I do think the Leopard theme is finished. I have since made some tweaks to the Tiger theme, but I think it’s done now. I guess now it’s just a matter of waiting for user feedback if anything is not working…
If you’d add these to the source that would be great (perhaps with the option to select them at compile time like the sae themes; no idea how hard that is)! Thanks.

it needs a good nickname …


Any reason Leopard and Tiger wouldn’t work for the nicknames?


What about an Ubuntu Radiance inspired theme? Or at least a light theme that is usable and not OSX inspired to be also included in Ardour for linux users to enjoy? I like Ardour default theme a lot, though I’d prefer to work with a light theme, and Ardour default light theme has several usability issues in my opinion…

@vervelover: new themes, or even theme hacking in general, are major efforts. its not just a matter of a few tweaks and … done.

vervelover: If you install my dream repository (search these forums), you’ll find packages called ardourpro and ardourpro-vst in synaptic. These come with my custom themes that match the ones included in dream-themes (also to be found in my repo in synaptic). Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold your breath on my coming up with radiance or ambiance themes, as I don’t like the way they look. I prefer neutral tones (gray). But that’s just my opinion. I do have a test .rc file for Ardour which has everything mocked up in ludicrous looking but easily editable colors, so all one has to do is track down the color you’re looking to modify, replace all instances with your preferred color, and voila! New theme. In fact, I had started on a Leopard theme some time ago, but got distracted by more important things. The two themes you find here were made the day before yesterday while I was bored at the in-laws’ by using the aforementioned template. Fastest themes yet (after I was done the Leopard theme, the Tiger theme took about 20 minutes). But, I digress. If you like a nice light theme, try ardourpro and dream-themes.

could these themes be used in linux versions of Ardour?

tbonedude: yes! just download the zip file, extract, open ApplyOSXArdourThemes.app (it’s a folder), look in Resources and you’ll find the ardour2_ui_light.rc and ardour2_ui_dark.rc files. Replace the ones in /etc/ardour2 with these and you’re all set.

The new themes look great in linux ardour 2.8.9! :slight_smile:

@ dickmacinnis

Your light theme looks good! The only issue I have with it is that when you add a plugin to a track, the plugin name is white, and the background of the mixer strip is gray so it is a bit hard to read. I’m going to try the OSX theme right now…

vervelover: Good point! I hadn’t actually used that theme for a while but I know exactly what you mean: that particular setting was the hardest to track down in these OSX themes. I will update that before I roll out my ardourpro 2.8.9 tomorrow.

@ dickmacinnis

Ok I’ll try that and report if I have issues, thanks!


Looks beautiful and helps my Mac mind work much better.