OSX 10.14 Mojave


‘Mojave’ will be released next monday (Sept. 24th).

Any recommandation from the Ardour team (install, not install) ?

Thanks !


I doubt that we can offer a lot other than the usual advice for macOS users (the name OS X has been retired): if you’re actually using your machine for music production, probably wise not to install immediately. Your needs are less and less a part of Apple’s attention with every passing release.

The Ardour developers don’t actually use super-current macOS versions for anything, actually. I would have gone to High Sierra from El Capitan, but it refuses to install correctly on my Mac Mini.

Hi MI & Paul,

The prebuilt versions Ardour & the Harrison Mixbus’s are all working fine for me…

Every production house will make a judgement call when doing their scheduled maintenance. It is actually a low risk to our industry upgrade, unlike it was with El Cap - the core audio design standard changes gave me some sleepless nights getting it sorted… Now that was a bump in the road.

Some slight improvements in the DSP % over El-Cap Something like 5-10%, A lot of kernel tweaking from the look of it, so things seem to take a bit longer to “load up” at times on an old machine. MIDI has actually had some attention as it is less flaky. It has more of a classic Solaris / Unix feel and look actually. One default setting to be aware of with Mojave is tab mode is enabled. That needs to be changed if you like to use multiple screens.

The best advice might be, to say when folks want to try it out make certain they have backed everything up and that they put in place a roll back strategy, source all 64 bit versions for production plugins.

There is plenty of help on the web with how to do all of that.