OSC Selected Channel Feedback

Hey guys, been scanning over the OSC documentation these past few weeks. Is there any way where I can get selected channel feedback for ALL channels?(Building a small control surface)

No. There is quite a lot of feedback for all channels already. As much or more than many of the digital mixers out there, almost all of these feature a “super channel” which allows adjusting everything only on the selected channel. OSC so far has been looked at from the available OSC controllers… which basically means TouchOSC kinds of controllers. These controllers do not understand A) OSC bundles or B) OSC commands that include multiple parameters. This means sending a separate OSC packet for each of the strips feedback commands. At full speed, many of these commands get lost, even sending to localhost. So there was a delay added to give the controller time to keep up.

Which controls and feedback do you feel are missing per strip? and how would you organize these controls on a “small” controller? Do look at some of the physical controllers out there like the Mackie Control, or the Xtouch. They have relatively few per strip controls and go deeper only on the selected channel and then still page through the rest of the controls. The designers have chosen the per strip controls carefully as the ones people want to change quickly… mutes, rec, solo… and fader (some have pan as well but most digital mixers do not). OSC on Ardour already offers more per strip than this.

There are more things planned for OSC on Ardour. I think the support for small glass controllers like TouchOSC is about at it’s max. My next thought is to compress feedback as an option either using bundles or more parameters (like the X32 does). The problem with using more parameters is that the OSC commands loose their self documenting advantage… and makes MIDI 2.0 look like a better way to go.

Anyway, down the road, I hope to set things up so the user can choose what feedback they want for each control. So if a user wants to build a 30 foot controller with 10 encoders and 20 buttons per strip… they can make use of it.