OSC Master bus plugins control with banking for other tracks

Hi here !
I search how can i control plugins parameter when while keeping the banking on the other tracks.
Before the full rework of the OSC control, I was using the number of tracks +1 to control the master bus. Now this Remote Control ID is invalid. Is it a new trick for get this behavior ?
A dream can be have, for example, an OSC control as “/master/plugin/parameter ssid piid param value”.
Using custom strip list is not possible in my case…
Thank you a lot.

You can choose to make the master strip one of the shown strips. See: Feedback and Strip-types Values see strip types. If your surface is not able to send large ints like that then you can set the default from the OSC setup GUI. Look in the manual for: Using the Setup Dialog
note the strip types tab.

You can also use that tab as a strip types value “calculator” for quick reference if you wish use the /set_surface/strip_types OSC message.

Both /master and /monitor are planned to control more than they do now. I have been busy at other things for a while and this seems to have been a special interest of mine. I do plan to get back to it though.

For now i have this config, but i need to access directly to one parameter of a plugin on the master strip, and this regardless the actual bank.
I hope for the future version of /master !
Thank you for your response.

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