OSC feedback?


Does anyone know if osc feedback works in ardour 3.0 (alpha X) ? If so, how did you manage that?



it is not currently implemented.

What do you understand by OSC feedback?

Sending OSC messages. It could be possible to use ardour as an OSC sequencer. I would like it to send data to SuperCollider (while now, it can only receive messages).

Is it planned?


@MartinMarier: OSC sequencing has been on our minds for a while, but its implementation would be at least 50% of the work that was needed for MIDI. The basic code that we have for MIDI sequencing can be re-used for OSC, but the GUI would be entirely different. What you’re describing is something entirely different from what most of us have meant by “OSC feedback”, which really means “send OSC messages when the objects that are controlled by OSC change their value”.

Paul, I think the GUI for basic OSC data tracks is already 100% there. Just use the automation curves.
Introduce a new track format “OSC track” with a definable osc parameter, the associated port and network address and record/play the osc data like automation data. That should work perfectly fine for most purposes.