OS X bug reporting


I’ve recently moved to OS X after using ardour on linux for a couple of years. I’m experiencing at least one regular crash bug with the precompiled subscriber version of 2.8.2 and would like to report my experiences.

My question is what information should I provide from ardour/jack/osx when I report issues, and how do I capture this? In my linux past I could easily supply console logs and stack traces. Now I’m not quite as confident or familiar with the OS (particularly as I’m not launching things from a command line) I could use some advice about how to do such things (if required).



Step One. Install XCode.

Step 2:

Set it to ‘Developer’

This will generate a crash report with a stack trace(Since we distribute with debug symbols enabled) that you can look at if a crash happens, and attach to a Mantis report.

Everything else is the same.


Awesome, thanks.