OS X AU plugins


there is a solution for effects ( reverbs, delays,…) AU plugins:
AU Lab


it works, tested here with X.8.4

launch jack, open AU Lab, insert your plug.
in window menu : show studio and choose jack router in + out
Launch Ardour. in mixer window, your used track, choose the routing in output line:
other :
check left -> in 1 AU lab
check right -> in 2

maybe in ardour busses: uncheck master in , to avoid dry routed in 2 directions
or keep it and only use wet signal i AU

try it…

other link:

What exactly is this a solution to? You should already be able to load AU effects in Ardour, this adds an extra step of complexity, and AU Lab isn’t necessarily recommended for production work as it is a testing tool primarily for developers to test their AU plugins they write in, and stability is not guaranteed.


seablade, this solution is to allow plugins for the moment not possible to use in A3 OS X.
but thru AU Lab, its possible, even if tricky. It works. Ive dpwnloaded a "try " version of the ircam new reverb, and it works fine.
Next step : try version of the lexicon MPX native

shouldnt I…?

seablade, see the Bug Tracker, ve posted details.

( in What’s new: Regrettably, the OS X release situation has still not improved, with a variety of things that require attention there (particularly plugin support) before a real release can be considered. )

here the ircam plugins:


it would be a lot more helpful if you could file bug reports for specific plugins that do not work. i do not refer to the forums as a bug database. your post also may give new users the impression that ardour cannot use AU plugins which is far from the truth. there are a few specific plugins that have issues - these should be treated as bugs rather than as the reason to make a post suggesting a general technique that is complex and adds cpu load.

sorry Paul

Ididnt wanted to speak about these bugs here, its only a response to seablade
Ive posted all things in the bugtracker

and because I wanted to show that A3 is great for using these plugs , I spoke about .
Please delete this forum issue: OS X AU plugins

ok, my apologies, you did file a bug report on this.

in general, plugins that crash are considered to be buggy. many plugin developers use Logic as their only testing platform, and Logic does not adhere to the AU specification 100%. over time, we can and will work with those developers to discover what they are doing and to change Ardour so that their plugins work.

but i really don’t think that AULab is the right tool for people who absolutely must must use these plugins. there are other standalone AU hosts (though there is a good chance that since they are not apple products either, they may crash there as well)

as the fruit is playing with our nerves, ( more and more ) I thought AULab was a way to try to keep cool… :wink:
I had no choice, some of my orchestral plugs can only be used by a fruit… sorry

in general, plugins that crash are considered to be buggy. many plugin developers use Logic as their only testing platform, and Logic does not adhere to the AU specification 100%

If only it were that simple… Almost all host applications implement almost all plugin standards (on Mac, Windows and linux) slightly differently. My experience on Mac is that Logic has the strictest implementation, so generally AU plugins which do work in Logic should work in other hosts. Unfortunately for plugin developers it means investing in a diverse range of host applications with which to test, and for host developers it means investing in a wide range of plugins to test (the hidden costs of software development…). Apple do provide some validation tools such as AUVal which developers can use to test plugins, however this doesn’t generally test GUI operation (which is where the vast majority of the problems tend to be).

Ok that makes more sense at least, though at this point I would still consider A3 on OS X testing release at most, so working around the problem isn’t helping as much to get it fixed obviously.