Original possition with combine


When I combine 2 wav regions, and if I move the new region and I try to do ‘move original position’ , the region go alway to zero. Is there a way to set the region to a new position ?

Thank tou very much for your help in advance.

Is it possible you are using a non-english translation? The text should read ‘Move Region to Original Position’ IIRC, not move original position.


Thank you for your answer, I made a mistake and forgotten the ‘to’ : the good sentence is 'Move Region to Original Position’.

Yes, so that function does not ‘change’ the original position, it merely moves the region back to the original position. The ‘original’ position is defined in a couple of ways, for instance for a broadcast wave file it can be defined by the metadata in the file, such as a timecode value when it was recorded. Or if there is no metadata defining this (as is the case in a standard non-broadcast wave file) if you import the file, it is when it gets imported to, which for many people would be the session start or 00:00:00:00.

So it sounds like the function is likely working as intended right now.


I can’t remember if you can change the original position by editing the region data through the right click menu by the way, and am currently on the road in a hotel with just my ipad so I can’t check, but that might be worth looking into to see if it is possible. If not it might be worth putting in a feature request for such a functionality.


I tried this and it seem to be not possible, the original position do not appear.
I tried also to import a wav and same, it go to 0 if you do 'Move Region to Original Position’

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